Can Dogs Sense Sadness in their owners?

can dogs sense sadness - dog comforting owner

They’re our best friends, our loyal companions, but just how much does your dog know about you? Can dogs sense sadness? Does your best friend know you better than you think? We are happy to say yes! There are various factors in which dogs can dogs sense sadness and emotion and even how they deal … Read more

Thundershirt for Dogs – Do They Really Work?

thundershirt for dogs - happy dog in front of a lake

Is your canine friend prone to anxiety? Triggers such as thunderstorms, fireworks, travel, or loud music can affect your dog’s health and happiness. Luckily, a Thundershirt for dogs makes an excellent long-term solution. * Anxious Canine is powered by coffee and cake, but mainly cake. Without these, we will be unable to write such great … Read more

Anise for Dogs – Is it Dognip?

Anise for dogs - Dog calmly lying down on the garden lawn

Is there dognip? Everybody’s heard of Catnip, and the almost magical effect on cats. Anise for dogs is often rumored to produce similar results on our canine friends, but is it dognip?  The seeds obtained from the anise plant are the main ingredients used in the product anise. It has historically been used as herbal … Read more

Pica in Dogs – Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

dog lying on the grass and chewing a plastic bottle

Your dog’s naughty antics may make you laugh but some behaviors are unusual enough to be an area of concern. It’s usual for dogs to shred, tear and chew household objects left around the house, but if they end up eating the stuff, it’s dog pica! Unfortunately, Pica in dogs is a condition that is … Read more

Chamomile for Dogs – Is it Safe?

White dog sitting in front of a tree between chamomile plants

Many people don’t realize the amazing benefits Chamomile for dogs contains. Chamomile is a surprisingly versatile plant that is both good for your dog’s health and mental wellbeing. Chamomile is an ancient medicinal herb. Throughout the ages, Chamomile has been used to treat anxiety, sleep disorders, and other ailments. It obtained from the dried flowers … Read more

Why Do Dogs Yawn? … and What It Really Means

tan coloured dog lying in the grass and yawning

It wouldn’t be too far-fetched to assume that many of us wish our dogs were able to talk. We could even argue that we already have deeper conversations with our furry friends than our partners. It may be surprising to know that dogs talk to us all the time, through body language. An important aspect … Read more

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass …and is it safe?

why do dogs eat grass - dog eating long grass

Have you started noticing your dog suddenly eating a lot of grass? Maybe this has become a major concern for you. Trust me, you are not the only one puzzled and concerned about this strange habit. So why do dogs eat grass? Your dog eats grass mainly because he feels the physical need or has … Read more

Catnip For Dogs – Is Catnip Bad for Dogs?

catnip for dogs - calm dog asleep

I’m sure you’ve been curious from time to time about Catnip and wondered what on earth it is. Catnip is a type of herb that belongs to the mint family, and pet owners throughout the world feed these amazing leaves to their cats for its health benefits. However, it’s because of the incredible relaxing properties … Read more

Dog Panting: Why They Do It And How to Fix It

Whenever our dogs do something new or act strangely, our pet parent senses start overloading. We tend to worry and worry until we solve what’s going on, even if it’s something seemingly harmless like a dog panting. If your dog constantly or intermittently pants day and night, we might wonder “why is my dog panting … Read more

Destructive dogs – Stop them destroying your home

Destructive dogs - Rough collie destroys chair, rips the stuffing out of it and lies on top of it.

Being a pet parent can be extremely rewarding, but it also comes with its difficulties. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American works over 8 hours per day. For most of the 63 million households with dogs, that means their pup is home alone for those 8 hours. This can cause … Read more

How to crate train a dog with anxiety

Having an anxious dog can make living with your dog a little more difficult. How difficult all depends on the severity of their anxiety and why they are anxious. However, training your dog to settle in a crate may help them stay safer and calmer when you are away. In this article, we will discuss … Read more

Socializing your Dog and Why you should do it

three dogs socializing and sniffing

In the United States, there are nearly 50 million households that have a dog. It’s estimated that most of those households have one or two dogs, with one being the norm. If you’re a one-dog household, it’s a very cost-effective option as bills can be kept down to a minimum. You’ll only need to buy … Read more

Ease Canine Separation Anxiety with Calmer Canine

dog sleeping, and using folded sheets as a pillow

Canine separation anxiety is an issue that can devastate a family. Having a dog that destroys your home and puts itself in harm’s way every time you leave is exhausting, frustrating, and scary. With over thirteen million pups affected, separation anxiety in dogs is a relatively common canine issue, and you can rest assured knowing … Read more

The Benefits of CBD oil for dogs

Vet with healthy, happy golden retriever

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF CBD OIL FOR DOGS? The benefits of CBD oil for dogs is best illustrated by understanding what CBD is, and where it comes from. CBD oil is created by the extraction of CBD, or cannabinoids. There are 113 different variations of CBD contained within the Cannabis plant. When extracted, the … Read more

How to Put a ThunderShirt on a Dog

close up of a rough collie

Fireworks can be fun for kids and a good way to celebrate. Thunder is powerful and beautiful as storms roll in over the horizon. What do these things have in common? They can both be huge sources of anxiety for your pet. Not all dogs get anxiety from loud noises. However, many dogs will develop … Read more

Dog Car Anxiety – How To Fix It

Are you trying your absolute best to cope with your dog’s intense fear of travel, but you just don’t know how to help cure dog car anxiety? Does it seem like every car ride, no matter how short, is horrendous torture? How to Calm a Dog in the Car Why is your dog so anxious … Read more

Anxiety in Dogs – The ultimate guide

Dogs are supposed to be happy, right? When you get a dog, you expect him to be funny, always running around, chasing his tail or the neighbor’s cat, yapping and barking to keep intruders at bay. Except that’s not always the case and sometimes you watch your dog hiding in a corner, barely interested in … Read more

How to Keep your Dog Calm on Halloween

Fall, the season of crisp air and changing tree colors, is a beautiful experience full of family gatherings, cozy sweaters, pumpkin spice, and for our dogs, loud noises and lots of anxiety. All Hallow’s Eve, or Halloween, is a fun night for children (and some adults, if we’re being honest) to dress up like anyone … Read more

Do Dogs Get Dementia? – 16 important signs To Know

Do dogs get dementia? Also known as CCD, it can be emotionally devastating to see your pet start to mentally decline. As a result, you may feel helpless as you see your dog display signs of dementia such as not responding to being called simply because your pet forgot its name. Do Dogs Get Dementia – … Read more

How To Know If Your Dog Is In Pain – 20 Telltale Signs

how to tell if my dog is in pain- an image of a dog lying on its side

Does your pet look a little under the weather? Learn how to know if your dog is in pain by looking for signs and symptoms. Is your dog acting out of character? It’s too bad that dogs can’t tell us what’s bothering them which makes it difficult to diagnose. It’s like trying to figure out … Read more

Hemp For Dogs With Arthritis

Hemp for dogs with Arthritis - a dog lying down on the carpet

Are you curious about Hemp for dogs with arthritis? Are you looking for an alternative to prescription medicine? You are making a wise decision. More and more people are experiencing the calming and healing effects of Hemp and wonder if the benefits extend to their pets. 
You know what’s better than Hemp?
It’s Hemp infused with Organic Coconut oil

CBD For Dogs With Osteoarthritis – What Really Works

CBD for dogs with osteoarthritis - a senior labrador retriever

Is your dog suffering from joint pain? Learn about CBD for dogs with Osteoarthritis. What is the Difference Between Arthritis and Osteoarthritis? Arthritis is generally defined as inflammation of the joints while Osteoarthritis is the damage or deterioration of cartilage between the joints. This cartilage acts as a cushion or shock absorber between joints and … Read more

15 Natural Calming Remedies For Dogs

how to calm a dog with anxiety - Calming Remedies For Dogs

There are many reasons why our pets get stressed, such as separation anxiety, illness, trips to the vet, thunderstorms, moving to a new residence, etc … the list can get really long and many of them are simply beyond our control, so read on as this post shows you some natural calming remedies for dogs.  … Read more

Why Does My Dog Wink At Me?

why does my dog wink at me? - an image of a puppy winking

So you’re asking yourself “Why does my dog wink at me?” From a scientific point of view and without making it too complicated, it could be entirely possible your dog winks at you because he or she thinks you’re cute 😉 Kidding aside, winking or blinking is thought to be 1 of around 30 Calming … Read more

Are Shock Collars Cruel? – 15 Reasons Not To Use It

are shock collars cruel? an image of an adult german shepherd

Do you regret the day you decided to get a dog? Is your dog a destructive menace or a nuisance barker? It can be really frustrating and I don’t blame you for thinking of using a shock collar.  If you want to find out if shock cllars are cruel before using it as a training … Read more

What Foods Are Good For Dogs?

What foods are good for dogs? an image of vegetables. Tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, and some parsley

What Foods Are Good For Dogs? – A List of Safe Foods To Give Our Pets If you’re unsure what foods are good for dogs, this post is for you. Thank you for doing your research. Many pet parents tend to treat their furry friends like humans and often unknowingly feed them food that are … Read more

Why Do Dog Paws Smell Like Fritos? – 4 Common Dog Questions

I saw my dog drinking toilet water - dog wearing glasses and reading a book

1. Why Do Dog Paws Smell Like Fritos? Dog paws smell of corn chips if yeast and bacteria called Proteus or Pseudomonas permeate the nooks and crannies of your dog’s paw. There’s nothing to worry about here as this is all normal. The only time you should worry is when you see some inflammation in … Read more

Why Should I Get A Dog? 11 No-Nonsense Reasons To Get One

why should i get a dog - a smiling girl with her head againts a smiling dog in a grassy background

Has your son or daughter been bugging you to get a dog? You may ask, “Why should I get a dog?”  After all, owning one is a big commitment and a lot of work. And of course, there are costs implications. This article will give you solid reasons why you cannot afford to not have … Read more

What Do Dogs Hate? – Top 10 Things That Make Our Dogs Hate Us

Humans have many bad habits that make dogs dislike us. So what do dogs hate that we do to them unknowingly?  It’s often the things we least expect. * Anxious Canine is powered by coffee and cake, but mainly cake. Without these, we will be unable to write such great content. Therefore, you will find … Read more

Why Do Dogs Smell Each Others Bottoms? Top 5 Common Dog Questions

dog sniffing dog's bum

1. Why Do Dogs Smell Each Other’s Bottoms? We’ve all seen it. When dogs meet this is almost always the first thing they do. So why do they do it? Long story short, it all boils down to their Apocrine glands. Mammals, including humans, have Apocrine glands all over the body but they are concentrated … Read more

Top Dog Tips – What Every Dog Parent Should Know

Top Dog Tips - a dog looking up to the sky and smiling

Wouldn’t it be great if dogs came with an instruction manual? These are some top dog tips that every pet owner should know to help them understand their dogs better. 1. It Is Irrational To Get Mad At Your Dog It is understandable to be fuming mad when you come home to see your favorite … Read more

CBD Treats for Dogs with Anxiety – Top 5 Brands

CBD treats for dogs with anxiety

Do you have a dog with anxious behavior? Are you looking for CBD treats to calm your pet? This is a list of high-quality CBD treats for dogs with anxiety.  We emphasize High-quality because there are Low-quality CBD treats found in pet stores and online. I know it sounds cliché, but not all CBD products … Read more

What you should know about Homeopathy and Dogs with Anxiety

homeopathy and dogs with anxiety- a picture of a well behaved dog looking up. Sitting on grass

If you’re trying to avoid the common side effects of medication in dogs, you may want to try some alternatives. This post will discuss Homeopathy and dogs with anxiety.  More and more people are finding relief in natural medicine.  There are more Health stores now than just a few years ago. It’s no wonder dog … Read more

CBD for Dogs with Anxiety

CBD for dogs with anxiety- A dog smiling

This post will delve into the benefits of CBD for dogs with anxiety but before we begin, lets clear some confusion: Weed. Marijuana. Pot. Cannabis. Hemp. 420. What’s the difference? The answer is they are all the same! Cannabis has been outlawed for so long that its been called under many different names but they … Read more

Top 11 Dog Breeds Prone To Anxiety

dogs breeds prone to anxiety - a dog with a really sad looking face.

If you’re thinking of getting a dog, it’s a really smart idea to do some research beforehand. It can save you a lot of trouble later on. This post will outline dog breeds prone to anxiety. Border Collie Border Collies are said to be one of the most intelligent dogs of all breeds. A Border … Read more

Calming Music for Dogs with Anxiety

music for dogs with anxiety

Multiple studies have proven that the tempo of music can affect our mood.  Can music have similar effects in dogs? This post will delve into the effects of calming music for dogs with anxiety.  Several doctors have studied different types of music and the effects it has on dogs. Dr. Kogan from the Colorado State … Read more

Leaky Gut in Dogs – The Hidden Epidemic

What is a Leaky Gut? The gut is an ecosystem and is host to trillions of bacteria known as the Microbiome. In a healthy gut, these large and diverse colonies of beneficial bacteria keep the harmful bacteria, parasites, virus, protozoa and fungus in check and prevent them from getting a foothold by crowding them out … Read more

Probiotics and Dogs – Can Good Bacteria Help my Pet?

Probiotic - close up black dog

A healthy gut can be likened to weeds in a garden. If a lawn is healthy, few weeds can grow because healthy grass will crowd out the weed, barely giving it space to grow.  There are 10 times more bacteria in a dog’s gut than there are cells in his body. There are roughly 100 … Read more

Is Adaptil Safe for Dogs?

What is Adaptil For Dogs? Adaptil for dogs mimics the appeasing pheromones produced by a dog’s mother to calm her puppies and give them a sense of reassurance and belonging.  This pheromone basically tells your dog, puppy or adult, that everything is alright. The pheromones are specific to dogs and will not have any effect … Read more

Is Benadryl Safe for Dogs?

Is Benadryl safe for dogs? This is a common concern for many dog owners. In this day and age, more and more people are being aware of the possible side-effects of over the counter medication that’s why natural methods are quickly gaining popularity. We don’t want our pets to go through any unpleasant side-effects. Disclaimer – Ask … Read more

Is Nylabone Safe For Dogs?

Nylabone for dogs is a very popular chew item that is found in countless pet stores throughout the country. We often assume that the products we buy from these establishments are rigorously tested. However, next time you visit the pet store and are contemplating buying one, maybe take the time to ask the question, Is … Read more

How To Introduce Your Dog To A Baby – The Proper Way

dogs and babies

It is not uncommon for dogs and babies to grow up to be best friends. This article will show you how to introduce them and prepare your dog for your newborn’s arrival.  These are useful methods to prepare your dog for the changes that are about to happen in the household. Changes that are going … Read more

Ways to Stop a Dog from Barking

ways to stop a dog from barking

Barking is a dog’s way of expressing themselves at the most basic level.  Here we share ways to stop a dog from barking.  Dogs might bark due to illness or injury. Please have your dog examined by a vet to rule this out. A safe and humane way of stopping your dog and your neighbors’ … Read more

What Not To Feed A Dog – Top 24 Foods

what not to feed your dog- a white dog breed

As dog owners, we should know what not to feed a dog by heart. Feeding them food that is inappropriate for their species out of good intention or ignorance can cause them to suffer, or worse.  Please keep your dog away from the foods in this list: 1. Chocolates Chocolate can cause theobromine poisoning; also … Read more

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