Ease Canine Separation Anxiety with Calmer Canine

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Canine separation anxiety is an issue that can devastate a family. Having a dog that destroys your home and puts itself in harm’s way every time you leave is exhausting, frustrating, and scary.

With over thirteen million pups affected, separation anxiety in dogs is a relatively common canine issue, and you can rest assured knowing that you’re not alone. While having company in the seemingly impossible case of dog anxiety may not solve your problem, there are plenty of pet owners out there who have tried many avenues to calm their anxious dog, and they’ve got advice for you.

Trust us, we know, because we’re those pet owners.

Dealing with the Stress of Canine Separation Anxiety

So often, dog owners find themselves at Anxious Canine because they’re at their wit’s end. It’s been another long, emotional, stress-soaked day coping with a dog that can’t relax, no matter what you do.

Like people, some dogs are naturally anxious, while others experience a trauma variation that leaves them this way. There are many forms and causes of dog anxiety, but one thing is certain; getting mad at them doesn’t help, and unfortunately, hopelessness is often where this road leads.

We understand every emotion you’re going through right now because we’ve been there. We’ve made it our mission to lessen the owner’s stress that comes from the questionable behavior tactics of a nervous canine, thereby achieving our goal of helping dogs on a global scale, one anxious ball of fur at a time.

Through the use of non-invasive, all-natural anxiety remedies, we’re happy to see far fewer pups ending up in shelters and staying put in their homes, where they belong. We know you want what’s best for your dog, and we’ve got the tools to help.

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Take a Step Toward Tranquility with Calmer Canine

One of our favorite products at Anxious Canine is Calmer Canine. This is a revolutionary, non-invasive product that reduces or eliminates canine separation anxiety. We love Calmer Canine because it’s a brand that truly gets what we’re all going through.

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An effective drug-free solution, Calmer Canine recognizes the emotional stress that accompanies living with an anxious dog, as well as the immense toll it takes on the dogs that live with it. Nobody likes to live in a constant state of fear, and dogs are no exception to that rule.

The Science Behind the Product

The science behind Calmer Canine is fascinating. This product works without additional training or supplemental dog anxiety treatments. The brand insists on clinical trials and supplies proved product results, which is not required by the United States Food and Drug Administration. These voluntary clinical trials demonstrate that Calmer Canine fully backs its product and stands behind its efficiency.

How it Works for canine separation anxiety

Calmer Canine works through the use of a precisely tuned microcurrent signal that targets the amygdala. The amygdala is the fight or flight center area of the canine brain, responsible for emotional responses and fear. You’ve likely heard the amygdala referred to as the fight or flight center, and it’s the Achilles heel to an anxious brain.

Undeniably, an anxious canine brain is out of balance, and Calmer Canine has sought out to create a safe product meant to bring back balance and a sense of calm for anxious dogs everywhere.

This video offers a visual representation of the incredible science behind Calmer Canine, and we recommend that you watch it. It’s fascinating and rooted in hope for any owner of an anxious dog.


The invisible, sensation free treatment of dog separation anxiety with Calmer Canine is safe and free of unwanted side effects. Like humans, canine medication often comes with a laundry list of potential issues. Many of those issues are more undesirable than the ailment the medication is meant to treat!

Instead, Calmer Canine relies on FDA approved tPEMF technology, stemming from research conducted at Harvard University. This research suggests that electromagnetic pulses effectively treat people with depression, anxiety, and various mood disorders.

If this is true for humans, why not canines? Enter the Calmer Canine team of engineers, veterinarians, and neurobiologists.

They’ve successfully developed a signal to work specifically with the canine brain under Assisi Animal Health. The latter are leading experts on using tPEMF technology on animals to treat pain and inflammation.

Supporting Research for Calmer Canine

A pilot clinical study conducted by Assisi Animal Health in 2018 concluded that Calmer Canine held the ability to dramatically reduce or resolve anxiety in dogs when used twice daily, for fifteen minutes per day, for six weeks. Every owner was required to submit a video showcasing the dog’s behavior before, during, and after the Calmer Canine treatment. You can check out some of the incredible results here.

Though these results speak for themselves, the folks at Assisi Animal Health and Calmer Canine have teamed up with North Carolina State University to conduct a double-blinded, placebo-controlled study to support existing results. We love a brand that stands behind their product, and we can’t recommend Calmer Canine enough.

Utilizing the Calmer Canine Device for canine separation anxiety

One thing we love (besides everything) about Calmer Canine is the fact that the device comes in two forms; with a vest and without. If you decide to purchase the Calmer Canine Anxiety Treatment System, you’ll receive a soft, comfortable vest that holds the circular device over the dog’s head, so you don’t have to.

While your anxious dog may not like to wear, well, anything, we assure you that the Calmer Canine vest is effortless to put on, and most pups don’t mind it. Suppose the vest is a no-go for your dog, no big deal.

You can hold the device over his or her head yourself. Place it at the base of the neck and sit with them while they lounge beside you on the couch or sleep on their favorite bed.

When to Expect Results

It takes about a month to a month and a half to see consistent results from Calmer Canine, and the only time you have to dedicate to it is half an hour each day. Most of us have put in far more time than that, cleaning up nervous accidents, torn furniture, and paws bloodied from trying to escape from a crate or out the front door. The time commitment here is more than worth it.

Calmer Canine is truly a highly-effective and safe solution to dog anxiety, ranging from general to noise to separation. There will be no prescription required. The device is available to all dog owners battling the everyday struggles (barking, howling, panting, pacing, whining, exit obsession, self-harm) of a perpetually anxious dog.

Calmer Canine Product Features

At Anxious Canine, we love accessible dog anxiety products that offer plenty of features and a natural resolution to curbing canine separation anxiety. Here are a few reasons that we love Calmer Canine, other than the fact that it genuinely works!

Ease of Use: Since treatment only requires fifteen minutes twice a day to prove useful in redirecting anxious behavior, everyone has time to fit in their sessions. Also, after fifteen minutes, Calmer Canine will turn off by itself, so there’s no need to set a timer!

Convenience: If you can’t find the time to hold the Calmer Canine device over your dog, you have the option to use the vest. We all run short on time, and we love knowing that anxious dogs don’t ever have to miss out on a session.

Adaptability: Calmer Canine adapts seamlessly to the lifestyle of any pet owner. This is a brand that understands that product flexibility is essential. The device travels well, so you don’t have to worry about anxiety getting the best of your dog while they accompany you on vacation or holiday trips.

Fantastic Fit: The vest that holds the Calmer Canine device comes in sizes ranging from extra-small to extra-large, while the device itself comes in two sizes, making it an excellent fit for any pup.

Battery Life and Operation: The Calmer Canine battery is easy to remove and replace. The life expectancy of the included CR123-A 3 Volt Lithium Primary Cell Battery is six weeks, on par with your treatment schedule.


When Cooper’s owner was away, he often looked out the window. He whined and barked constantly, and was unable to rest or play. After one month of treatment, Cooper’s barking went from 855 times every hour to ZERO!

Granite was an extreme case. His separation anxiety drove him to try and chew through his crate, resulting in bleeding injuries. After 56 days of treatment, this dangerous behavior completely resolved!

Before Calmer Canine, Riggs suffered from separation anxiety, noise sensitivity, general anxiety, and anxiety around the family’s new baby. Riggs used to paced obsessively and pant while his owners were away. They were also concerned that Riggs would not accept the new baby into the family. Within a week of beginning treatment with Calmer Canine, Riggs’ family and veterinarian saw a dramatic improvement in his anxiety symptoms. After four weeks of Calmer Canine treatment, Riggs can now settle comfortably around the baby. When his owners are away, he sleeps soundly. Calmer Canine has brought calm to both Riggs and his family.

Life After Calmer Canine

We at Anxious Canine have always believed that Dog anxiety doesn’t have to rule your life. We’re especially thrilled that companies such as Calmer Canine are focused on solving the pain of canine separation anxiety.

We can’t promise you a stress-free life after following a Calmer Canine treatment plan. We can tell you that your dog will experience the quiet moments they warrant, allowing them to experience the freedom of simply being dogs.

They deserve it, and so do you.

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