1. Why Do Dog Paws Smell Like Fritos?

i saw my dog drink toilet water

The smell of corn chips that you’re referring to is caused by yeast and bacteria called Proteus or Pseudomonas that permeate the nooks and crannies of your dog’s paw.

There’s nothing to worry about here as this is all normal. The only time you should worry is when you see some inflammation in the paw’s webbing and if your dog licks on it obsessively which may indicate pain and infection in which case, take your dog to the vet to have it checked out. 

If it really bothers you, you can try to wash all 4 paws with soap and water but you’re unlikely to remove the smell altogether. The smell tends to be more pronounced in the morning. And who doesn’t like the smell of corn chips? 

2. Why Do Dogs Drink From The Toilet? 

i saw my dog drinking toilet water

You just saw your dog drinking toilet water and you’re like, “Ewww! Stop it!” but your dog already lapped up a lot before you could react. Take heed, this most likely happened countless times in the past without you even knowing it. For all we know, it could have happened today right before your dog greeted you with a kiss when you got home.  

First off, dogs are naturally attracted to running water. They instinctively know that it’s better than stagnant water. In most cases, the water in a toilet bowl is fresher than your dog’s water bowl because it is flushed a few times a day. In fact, according to healthy.com, a toilet seat contains 295 bacteria per square inch while the inside of your dog’s bowl contains 2,110 per square inch and I don’t think there’s a dog on this planet that would only lick an inch. 

Is It Safe For Dogs To Drink From The Toilet?

The short answer is no. There is a risk your dog might contract E. Coli from fecal matter in humans. There is also a risk that your dog may get poisoned by toilet cleaning products. Blue treated water can also be dangerous for dogs especially if she somehow gets a hold of the blue tablet. Chewing on it can cause chemical burns in the mouth and throat. 

To avoid all this, simply close the toilet lid or the bathroom door and thoroughly clean your pet’s food and water bowl once a week with warm soapy water and rinse well. 

Another reason to shut the bathroom door is to prevent your dog from grabbing a roll of toilet paper and making a big mess like what my dog just did while I was writing this article. 


3. Why Does My Dog Bring Me A Toy When I Come Home?

why does my dog drink from the toilet

Our’s does this all the time. There was one time I was home with our dog, Watson when my wife called. I put it on speakerphone and said, “It’s mommy!” Watson’s eyes instantly lit up then he ran to pick up his favorite toy then went to the front door fully expecting to see his mom with his tail wagging and all.  Sorry Watson! 

So why do dogs do this? There are a few possible theories. It could be that your dog thinks you’re the pack leader and wants to greet you with a prized possession. We should appreciate it because if they were given a choice between their favorite toy and a hundred dollar bill, they’d most likely choose their toy (don’t try this experiment). To dogs, money is just a piece of paper but old worn-out toys are precious and worthy to show their owner. 

It could simply mean your dog is happy that you’re back after being away and giving or showing you his toy is a way of trying to please you and is an invitation to play.  Dogs are naturally playful, after all. 

It could also be a calming signal which is the language that dogs use to communicate  with other dogs and humans. 

4. Why Do Dogs Go Crazy After Baths?

I saw my dog drink toilet water

If you’ve ever given a dog a bath then you know how it’s like. Watson would go berserk after a bath since he was a puppy. Not all dogs do this but more often than not, they go nuts.  

There are many logical reasons why this happens. When they do a full-body shake, they are trying to dry themselves off while removing any water that got in its ears. They also do it to relieve themselves of pent-up stress.

That initial outburst is your dog’s way of saying “It’s finally over! I am so getting out of here!” Bathing involves a lot of manhandling which dogs are not particularly fond of. They have to release this pent up negative energy. There’s actually a term for it called FRAPS or Frantic Random Activity Periods. 

Dogs in the wild do not take baths. Instead, they roll around in mud and dirt to mask their scent to enable them to hunt to their prey which they’ve done for millennia.  They inherited this trait from their wolf ancestors that even roll on dead carcasses and other disgusting stuff to bring the scent back to their pack. It’s like a human version of taking pictures and showing your friends and family what you’ve been up to or where you’ve been. 

If you notice your dog rolling around the house after a bath, they are simply trying to recreate the scent identity that they lost. They actually don’t mind smelling like a dog. It’s only us humans that want our dogs to smell like Lavender. 

A couple of things you should know – do not use human shampoo on dogs. Doing so can alter their skin’s PH. Human shampoos are also too fragrant for a dog’s sensitive nose. Also, be extra careful when using a hairdryer to dry your pet. You may burn their skin without realizing it. 


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  1. I have often wondered why a dog would go crazy after getting a full bath and also the rolling around afterwards. When you think about it, we humans may think our dogs want to smell clean and fresh but they just want to be a smelly dog. I always keep the toilet lid closed, though I did have a dog once that used its nose and one of its paws to open the lid just enough to get his head in there. Dogs are cunning and smart.

    1. I keep forgetting to follow my own advice. Our dog chewed up around 4 rolls of toilet paper this week. Oh well! Thanks for commenting, Robert


  2. This is quite unusual and I’m very delighted that you have shared this here. Though many times I have seen my dog exhibiting all of these but I never truly took it with too much importance until when you are explaining the significance here. This is really great and thanks is so much for sharing this here. In all honesty, I’m delighted you have shared this and most especially, I am going to pay more attention to my dog entering the bathroom henceforth. Thanks so much

  3. Wow this took me a little aback. I wasn’t aware that dog paws have a Fritos smell! I have also been thinking since I was little why do dogs go nuts after taking a bath and I’m so glad I got an insight. I used to have a cocker spaniel and he would start jumping everywhere, running around and jumping on things whenever I gave him a bath. It was insane!

  4. First of all, thank you for sharing such a beautiful article with us. I am very happy reading your article fully. I learned a lot about dog Paws Frito by reading your article. I saw my dog drinking water from the toilet bowl. You have made it clear in your article that this should not be allowed. I did not notice the smell of freitos on my dog’s paws. however, now I’ll be looking for it.
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