Is Nylabone Safe For Dogs?


Nylabones are a very popular item that can be found in just about every pet store. 

Is Nylabone safe for dogs?

The company states: “All of our products are made from non-toxic, pet-safe materials and are designed for the specific chewing style and size of your dog. From gentle teething puppies to extreme power chewers, Nylabone has a safe, healthy chew for every dog. Nylabone has been the choice of millions of dogs since we made our first chew toy over 50 years ago.”

is nylabone safe for dogs

Keep in mind that in 2001 Nylabone recalled its highly popular Plaque Attacker Dog Chews after a number of dog deaths over concerns of its chews breaking into small pieces in which customers were advised to safely dispose of them. Since then the Plaque Attacker was replaced with a safer and improved model. In April, 2015 Its Puppy Starter kit dog chews were recalled for potential of Salmonella contamination although no illnesses were reported. 

Is nylabone safe for dogs

What is Nylabone made of?

Nylabone Healthy Edibles is made of natural ingredients without added sugar, salt, preservatives or artificial flavors and it comes in several varieties.

 The chew toy version of it is made of Thermoplastic Polymer. These are materials made of nylon, plastic or rubber.  These materials are obviously not edible. 

Dangers of Nylabone

  • Chewing the product might  produce tiny shards of plastic that your pet might swallow and cause damage in the digestive tract.
  •  Eventually, your pet may bite off enough material to shrink the Nylabone which might spell disaster if your pet accidentally swallows it whole. Please be extra vigilant in inspecting your dog’s chew toys, Nylabone or not. Inspect the knuckles. If it begins to show signs of breaking or if it starts to get too small, throw it out. Do not risk an expensive trip to the vet.

If you actually took a chewed up nylabone like the one in the image above and ran it on your skin, you will feel how abrasive it is. Imagine the damage it can cause if your dog accidentally swallows it whole.  


A few things to remember:

  • If you choose to purchase a Nylabone, your dog should be atleast 3 months old . Ideally around 4 months when they have permanent teeth. Nylabone edibles should be given to dogs atleast 6 months of age.
  • Nylabone produces different bones for different dog sizes. The bigger the dog, the more dense the material. Be absolutely sure to pick the right product for your dog. You might take an unexpected trip to the vet if you accidentally give a Nylabone for puppies to your much larger dog. 
  • Do not put it in a microwave, washing machine, dishwasher or pour boiling water on it. To clean it, simply brush with warm water using mild detergent.
 An alternative to Nylabone are beef knuckle bones and buffalo knuckle bones. They are inexpensive and can be bought online for around $3 at They also sell a variety of dog chews like beef trachea chews, lamb trachea chews, ect..

All information in this post is for educational purposes only and is not meant to replace your veterinarians’ advice. All photos credited to Pixabay

Remember to never feed your dog cooked bone

Photo Credit: Derek Bridges Flickr via Wunderstock (license)


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