What Is The Best CBD Oil For Dogs?

With so many CBD products popping up in the market, it raises the question – What is the best CBD oil for dogs?

On the surface, they may seem identical with all products claiming the same thing. It’s the small details that make a big difference. If you’re going to purchase CBD oil for your dog, might as well go for the best to avoid wasting your time and money. 

Why is King Kalm the best CBD oil for dogs? 

It’s because of their proprietary blend of CBD oil, Hemp oil, and Krill oil. Why is this important?


What Is Krill?

Krill is considered to be a superfood of the sea. 

It resembles tiny shrimp and is found in all the world’s oceans. 

Phytoplankton, a single-celled plant is what krill feed on. Krill, in turn, feeds hundreds of different types of sea animals ranging from fish to Humpback whales. In fact, whales consume up to 4 tons of krill a day.

What Are The Benefits of Krill?

  1.  It contains high levels of Omega 3. These little crustaceans are packed with EPA and DHA which are critical for brain health, promote healthy joints, anti-inflammatory, and prevent depression and anxiety.
  2. Krill naturally contains Astaxanthin which is not found in most fish oils. It is a naturally occurring antioxidant and also promotes eye health, skin health, joint health, liver health and supports cognitive function.
  3. Astaxanthin is also a natural preservative to keep krill fresh. 
  4. Krill contains Phospholipids which make it easily digestible. Some refer to it as the Molecule Of Life. 
  5. The antioxidants in Krill oil are 48 times more powerful than fish oil in terms of Oxygen Radical Absorptance  Capacity (ORAC) values. 
  6. Krill are at the bottom of the ocean’s food chain and are known to be naturally free of toxins and pollutants.
  7. Harvesting Krill is also sustainable. In fact, it is one of the world’s largest Biomass. Huge swarms can be seen from space!
what is the best cbd oil for dogs
what is the best cbd oil for dogs?
what is the best cbd for dogs
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If you’re looking for CBD oil that can deliver relief from discomfort fast, you can try  KingKalm 600 mg with Copaiba and DHA. 

This powerful formula is also proprietary to  King Kanine. 

This popular product is used to quickly and effectively address anxiety, general discomfort, inflammation, and lots more. 

What is Hemp?

Hemp is a species of Cannabis that is naturally low on THC.

After extracting the medicinal oil, the fibrous plant can then be processed to produce rope, plastics, paper, soap, biofuels, beer, food, and many more. 

Hemp is very nutritious and is considered a superfood by many. 

What Are The Benefits of Hemp?

  1. CBD in Hemp may protect against Canine Cognitive Dysfunction(CCD) and neurodegenerative disorders.
  2. CBD can stop cancer cells from growing and increase tumor cell death. This is particularly important because almost half of dogs over 10 will develop cancer.
  3. CBD from Hemp oil has natural antibiotic properties.
  4. CBD protects the Cardiovascular system and reduces blood pressure.
  5. Hemp oil can help stop epilepsy in both humans and dogs without the harmful side effects of medication. 
  6. Hemp oil has the perfect balance of Omega 6 to Omega 3 (3:1) ratio of fatty acids.
  7. Hemp can help reduce anxiety including symptoms of separation anxiety and noise phobias. 
  8. It can help with generalized pain including nerve pain and pain caused by inflammation.
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Hemp Seeds
an image of KingKanine CBD with a Golden Retriever and a box and bottle of CBD oil
Click here to to find out which product is right for your dog's breed
what is the best cbd oil for dogs


Does King Kanine Have A Third Party Certificate Of Analysis?

Yes, They do. 

Click here to view King Kanine’s Third-Party Certificate of Analysis.

Why is this important?

A third party certificate of analysis is done by a company with no affiliation to the  Cannabis producer therefore has no incentive to alter the results.  A COA is very important because it proves that the product contains what is listed on the label. Some products in the market contain too much THC, too little CBD, or none at all. 

It also shows if the product contains any heavy metals, pesticides, pathogens, and mold. 

One study found 70% of CBD oil they tested contained extremely high levels of Lead, Arsenic, Glyphosphates, BPA, and toxic mold. 

Watch this video to learn more

Never, ever buy a CBD product without a Third Party Certificate of Analysis!

How Do I Know Which Strength To Use?

It depends on which symptom you are treating but generally falls under the following:

  • Small sized pet 20 lbs & under – 75mg bottle (approximately 2.5mg / 1ML)
  • Medium sized pet 21lbs to 50 lbs – 150mg bottle (approximately 5mg / 1ML)
  • Large sized pet over 50 lbs – 300mg bottle (approximately 10mg / 1ML)

Click here to find out which strength is appropriate for your dog’s breed

Is CBD effective in dogs as it is in humans?


How Do I Give The Oil To My Dog?

There is an oral syringe included in the package.  You can also add it to your pet’s food but using the syringe is the preferred method. 

Can it Make My Dog High?

The THC in Hemp is naturally low at .3% which is further diluted with a carrier oil. Neither you nor your dog can get high on it even if you wanted to.

How Much Can I Give My Dog?

Every product comes with a dosing chart and an oral syringe. 

Please consult your vet to get a proper dose. 

Can I Give CBD Oil With Other Medications?

Please consult your vet prior to administering CBD oil if your pet is taking other medications. 

Is CBD Oil Safe?

King Kanine’s CBD Oil is made to the highest standards and is safe even for human consumption

Does King Kanine Make CBD Dog Treats?

King Kanine also makes High quality CBD Dog Treats. Click here to learn more 

What is CBD Oil Typically Used For?

CBD oil is typically used in cases of anxiety including symptoms of separation anxiety and also in generalized pain and inflammation. Typical effects are improved sleep,  shinier coat, improved appetite, increased energy, and a calmer demeanor. 

What Are The Possible Side Effects Of CBD Oil?

As with any supplement, always start slow and gradually increase the dosage.

Possible side-effects are:

  • Dry Mouth – decreased saliva production which may appear as increased thirst. 
  • May temporarily cause a  slight drop in blood pressure which may manifest as light-headedness. 
  • High doses may cause slight drowsiness. 
CBD treats for dogs with anxiety- an infographic of how CBD works for dogs including health benefits of CBD

KingKalm CBD


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30-day return policy


Excellent Customer Service



  • Proprietary blend of CBD with Krill Oil
  • Third-Party Certificate of Analysis, Certified Oraganic, Human Grade, Vegan
  • C02 Extraction method(safest)


  • Does not ship to Canada and Australia

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  1. I’ve used several CBD products in the past, mostly to alleviate my stress and pains. However, I never knew CBD products could be used on dogs until I came across this post. It’s been quite informative. Of the three listed, I lean more towards krill oil as the properties and effects seems quite good on canines. I’ll look more into it and see if I can get one for my dog, Nancy. 

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